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Content marketing is the talk of the town. Know more about the nitty gritty of content



seo content- Exicon Group


Writing these days is not only limited to blogs or articles. Every day we consume loads of information in the form of content. Content marketing nowadays is the talk of the town. Let’s dive into the ocean of SEO content and learn about what type of content can spin magic into your business.

Content can do magic but the right kind of content can do wonders. SEO content and copywriting can be considered as the holy grail of content.

The expression “SEO content writing” is kind of a misnomer. So, is it SEO copywriting? Or is it only copywriting with watchwords included? Or is it both? On the off chance that there is a distinction, does it at any point make a difference? Let’s find out!

seo content vs copywriting - Exicon Group

SEO content vs copywriting – Exicon Group

 What’s the distinction between content writing and copywriting?

With SEO content composition, the essential objective is to create natural traffic by means of search engines. Through copywriting, the essential objective is to change the traffic into leads and sales. Are both content writing and copywriting fit for doing both? Totally! Be that as it may, the distinction truly comes down to what you are attempting to do and which technique benefits. Hence, it’s ideal to consider the quick and ultimate objective of your project, and then find a writer who can accomplish those objectives you’ve set.

seo content- Exicon Group

seo content- Exicon Group

So as to completely comprehend the difference between copywriting and SEO content writing, we first need to get an idea of content marketing in general. Content marketing is the way towards making and imparting substance to the motivation behind drawing in, connecting with, and converting leads.

Let’s dive deep into copywriting

Copywriting is characterized as deliberately creating content to create brand value and at last urge customers to make a specific move; in all probability, this is related to a purchase. It is therefore called persuasive writing for this very reason. Copywriting can cover a large number of benefits, and it can take numerous structures, depending on your organization and product.

Copywritingseo content- Exicon Group

Copywriting SEO content- Exicon Group

Copywriting is mostly used for activities like –

  • Email marketing
  • Regular mail
  • Web pages
  • Landing pages
  • Print ads
  • Video and audio content/scripts


There is just some of the many benefits copywriting can provide. A good copy can move people and create a lasting impression.

What is SEO content?

Website content, or on-page SEO, is sort of a content composition where you center around making content that is both web-friendly (search engine friendly) and easy to understand. One drawback of many content creators is that they put a lot of focus on making SEO content and zero focus on user experience. These are black hat SEO procedures that won’t go further in the long run. Some terrible SEO practices include:

  • Keyword stuffing
  • Cloaking

    copywriting vs seo contentCopywritingseo content- Exicon Group

    Copywriting VS Seo content- Axicon Group

  • Purchasing backlinks

White hat SEO (the good kind of SEO) refers to the practice that improves the search rankings on a search engine results page while ensuring the integrity of the website is maintained and is within the search engines’ terms of service. The fundamental focal point of SEO content writing is to make content that isn’t simply useful but, one that is intended to be effectively discoverable via search engines.


Copywriting and SEO composing might be two distinct types of composition, yet they do have shared similarities. Other than the way that both require genuine content composition skills, they additionally have one shared objective—to drive your business forward. The primary objective of both copywriting and SEO composing is to pull in, draw in, and convert leads.

 What is the core distinction?

The crucial distinction between SEO content and copywriting is that a copywriter knows his audience. He goes into people’s minds to understand and comprehend what they desire and creates compelling copy that relates to the audience.  On the other hand, a content writer writes for Google. He knows what the requirements of Google are for the content to rank higher. An SEO content writer puts all the elements that are needed to be search engine friendly.

In a nutshell

Content marketing in India is seeing an upward growth trend and is continuing to spread throughout the nation. Major organizations use these strategies to attract and generate leads. Whether it is an ad copy or search engine friendly SEO content, there is always a writer with his/her weapon of vocabulary to master the marketing approach.

Even if you don’t gain the same growth rate, you will definitely generate more traffic, improve your brand value, and adore content marketing. If you’re not using “persuasion” and “psychology” to improve organic rankings and attract your audience, it is highly recommended that now is the best time to start.


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