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Anupam Dhonchak- First Hit Song “Darmiyan” Released With Times Music

“It seemed like I’m lost in a jungle where I could find no ways to pursue my inner potential”, said Anupam Dhonchak, the singer of the song ‘Darmiyan’ which has crossed a mark of 1 million within a span of 48 hours. As much as we want to work for our dreams, we are bumped with a lot of obstacles that try to keep on pushing us back.

The 22 year old boy has been singing since his childhood and little did he know that he would want to become a singer. Gradually, his voice started to impress a lot of people and most importantly, he started to feel like making a career in the same field. A science student who got selected in one of the best universities, left engineering after a year to continue enhancing his skills in the field of singing. ‘I was bumped with thoughts as to how I will be able to make a living as an Artist having no clue how to proceed with it. From last two years, I just sang random songs and posted on my social media handle for my fellow friends, including lockdown anthem for Haryana Police. I also practiced to become a versatile singer”, he said.

With time, he started to approach a lot of people to help him out and get his songs recorded professionally. A few months back, a friend of him had composed a song and wanted Anupam to be the singer for the same. Who knew that this song would be appreciated by so many people? This first step of success has been one of the best things in his life till date. “I am very grateful for everyone associated with this project and extremely thankful to Times Music for launching the song. I am looking forward to make this song even more successful and reach out to trillions”, said Anupam.

Anupam has always considered music as the meaning of his life and the sole purpose of his life is to make people genuinely connect their feelings with his songs. Singing keeps him happy and that is itself a huge motivation to follow his dreams. He has been working day in and day out as he feels that the desire of becoming a singer is the purest thing he could think about.
We never know what connections we will find in any event of our life, or what could lead us to future opportunities. The best way is to keep moving forward and continue to strive forward to achieve your goals.

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