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Faiz Qureshi’s New Project Bollywood Feature Film Set To Be Release in November

The 26-year-old Faiz Qureshi is a self-made success story. Qureshi has his firm – Reddwings Production – with which he has established himself as a Casting and Producing mastermind.

When he was starting, Faiz went through his struggles, finding stable ground in an industry rife with the steep competition is not an easy task. Faiz’s struggles provided him formative experiences with which he operates to this day. His shows and projects are open for all to participate in and he gives everyone a fair chance. The worthy talents he finds, he promotes them even further which opens many more doors for them.

Faiz Qureshi’s New Project Bollywood Feature Film is set to be released in November, where the fresh-faced Shan Mishra plays the hero, Riya Chaudhary plays the heroine, and newcomers Zulfi Rajput and Nidhi Mishra appear in the second lead. Ashraf khan takes on a role as the movie villain.

Mehak Sugandh is a captivating love story of whom, Kafeel Ahmed is the creative director; and to add magic and dimensions to the romance, six original songs featuring renowned Bollywood singers Manoj Mishra, Khushboo Jain, Javed Ali, and Mohammad Danish are on Mehak Sugandh’s soundtrack. The production of the film has been done by Jeetendra Chitra Productions and casting has been done by Faiz Qureshi’s Reddwings Productions Pvt. Ltd.

Mehak Sugandh was shot using the prized Red Dragon camera and had a shoot spanning over 37 days and 8 locations. The shooting started in the bustling town of Meerut and then sailed through the beautiful locations of Mussoorie, Ghaziabad, Bhimtal, Sattal, Haridwar, Shivganga, and Rishikesh.

The shooting and post-production work for Mahak Sugandh is complete and it was initially geared to launch on 3rd April, but after taking account of the pandemic, Mehak Sugandh will be released later this year when it is safer for the audience to watch and enjoy the movie.

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