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Kalila Bounaylat The talented Moroccan Actress.

Kalila appeared in her film,  as an Actress in the French film and also in from the best movies in the History of Moroccan Cinema (Road To Kabul), who presented her and her vision in cinematic cinema. Young Moroccan Artist .. Kalila Bounaelat, a married woman, born in 1981 in Agadir, said about her beginning in cinema and acting was in 2004 by



At the time when her twin sister, Damna, was called to work in the first artistic work, that is, a television movie under the title «Shllah wa bgha Fassia», the circumstances of hean r travel outside the homeland made Kalila on behalf of her sister in this film, which was a great success and added to the art scene a new face to be the work The second is “Daily School” (Yamya Madrasya) with “Al-Rabiaa” channel. In 2007, I filmed a new film, “Faneida”, and “she starred in the first Hassaniya-speaking film,” Four Chambers (Arbaa Hojorat) and MASSOUD SAIDA AND SAADAN by the Moroccan Director Brahim Chkiri


Kalila said in an interview:
“I am ready to work in international and international films. The actor has ambitions for the best, and I hope to find starring roles in international works.”
In a final speech to Kalila Bonaylat, she thanked everyone who helped her from near or far to achieve what she had achieved in the seventh art world and sent a greeting through this media platform to all the Moroccan public that encourages art and Artists.


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