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Meet HamzaArts it’s the Best Performer illusionist in Middle East.

It wouldn’t be true to say that majority of us have been enthused by Magic shows and the sheer curiosity to know the truth and techniques behind those illusions drives us to watch these shows. If the sleight of hand, card magic, or the occasional mentalism shrouded with illusion is your thing, meet the best Illusionist who has all of it up to his sleeve – quite literally!   HamzaArts has left audiences baffled in over 600 shows.   

With the dominance of electronic media in entertainment, the journey of magic is all downhill from here unless steps are taken to breathe back life into this rapidly vanishing art.

when we talk about experience then HamzaArts has 10 years of experience. he plays out a ton of nations my sorcery deceives All VIP birthday in Dubai.

Naturally,  HamzaArts draws a little bit of attention to himself but he confesses to not minding it. “What’s even better is when I am able to channel this attention into something productive, I feel humbled,”.

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