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Million of Miles to go for the scintillating model cum actress : Neetu Kumari singh

Have you ever seen someone pursuing the dream that they always wished for! Dreams are something that works only when you learn every day. Aspiring is important but it’s not all that is needed to achieve success in your life.

Being dedicated and having a strategy for the way that is towards your goal matters much in your fulfilled life. When talking about dreams and making them come true,
Neetu Kumari Singh is one such name that needs the mention, she is the girl who is reaching higher milestones every single day of her life.

A model and an actor by profession Neetu kumari Singh has been through an amazing journey till now which obviously includes all the dusk and dawn that is constant for any person who is in the way to success.

Neetu Kumari Singh is the runner up of Red elixir 2019 and apart from this, she has won the other three titles. The titles are Tiska Miss Delhi 2019, Miss Tiska ambassador 2019, and Miss popular 2019 respectively.

In her career, she has done many successful short movies, advertisements, and also Punjabi and Bollywood videos. Having done an MBA as her studies she has done well in her academics also. As of her future, she has many projects regarding movies, advertisements, and Punjabi songs.

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