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Rajpal yadav comments on his past loan default case

The famous comedian Rajpal Yadav has always been a treat for the Indian audience. Ever since he began his career ,the actor never failed to impress his viewers with his comedy timing.

This ever laughing actor too had an issue regarding the loan and was sentenced a prison of three months . The issue was regarding the loan default case and it was a company that was fighting against the actor. For his director debut he took a loan of 5 crore and was unable to pay back which lead to a serious conflict later on.

Meanwhile now the actor has opened up on it and he says that he don’t want to remember the past incidents that he has faced. He don’t want to bring the burdem of past with his present and doesn’t want to have a influence on his future.

The statement of Rajpal yadav is written here. This states ,”I don’t want to carry the burden of the past with me. Let people do what they have to do. If my work is liked, it will go ahead. It is all about life. Like every day, the sun’s rays are different, so is Rajpal Yadav. He is known for his creativity and has got the love of the audience. I have got a lot of love and I am very happy.”

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