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Shakuntala devi on Amazon prime| Vidya Balan

Shankuntala devi movie | vidya balan

To be streamed on amazon prime shakuntal devi is doing rounds all around as it’s a unique story of famed ‘human computer’. The lead role portrayed by Vidya balan in the film also stars sanya malhotra , Amit sadh and Jisshu Sengupta. Directed by Anu menon the trailer of the movie revealed that the movies displays the milestone or achivement of a famed mathematician.

The movie revolves around the renowned mathematician who lived her glorious life with the utmost perfection yet there are hints revealing that her personal life is not as happy as that. This will be exciting to see how the pros and cons of her life are portrayed in the movie.

Vidya Balan said that the basic conflict that arised during the era of shakuntla devi was the norms of society set during that time. “Probably her biggest flaw, as a woman, was that she wanted it all. And as a woman, you are not allowed to have it all. She did not understand this difference between men and women because she did not define herself as a woman. She saw herself as a person, who happened to be a woman. This is the root of conflict in her person.”

Continuing Vidya said that Shakuntala Devi is “not a puff piece.” The thing that excited her the most to play the character of Shakuntla devi was “the scope to tell Shakuntala Devi’s story as unapologetically as possible.”

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