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Sohail Sheik – the young super talented

Sohail Sheik
Sohail Sheik

Have you ever wondered how some people seems so perfect in whatever the work they do. The reason
behind their successful life is the extreme hard efforts that have been done from the very beginning
which is not visible once, success is achieved. The base which starts any story needs to be really strong.
Sohail Sheik from mumbai is one such inspiration for all the people out there.

Talking about his journey , Sohail started from dubsmash and there he made videos to entertain his
audience. Later on with the increased interest of tik tok he became a star of tik tok and had a whopping
following also. Sohail is really hard working and believe that success only pays of with the hard work.
There’s no such other short cut to move forward without having a struggle full journey.

Sohail is a lyricist and he is member of company run by javed Akhtar. Apart from this he work as a
screenwriter also . His first youtube song was written by him only and he crossed 28 million views on his
YouTube channel. All the programing was done by him only and that’s why he achieved this much

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Sohail khan has topped in his career with all the best ways that he has used to upgrade hid career. Sohail
Sheik is really famous on his instagram handle and he keeps on posting really amazing stuff there. With
dedication and sheer interest he became this success full and miles are there for him to reach.

utkarsh piyush
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