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Tips to increase online sale during festive season

We are not denying the fact that India has now evolved to a great extent . Much modernised , living a sober and sophisticated life. Apart from this whenever the festive bell rings , the lossening of purse strings is a generous things. Look , we all have some sort of genetics working in whatever we do. Without considering what profession a person owns, festivities never miss to turn head towards new attires , furniture and what not !

This seems evident now people are more concerned with their health so as opting a shop session in brick shops and malls would not be a much picked option this time. Companies needs to understand that effective marketing strategies have to be adopted so as to ensure a better turnover in this jamming of festivities .

There is a long way for newer Brand strategies to grab eyeballs and attract customers to a site. With the loop of fear hanging around necks , which gives birth to a home arrest , the online retail segment is poised to reap a rich harvest.Just to enhance their sales , a climb can be seen in the entry of offline stores in the run of so many stores present beforehand. Even the stores that are in the long run race from quite a good time , are trying to reinforce their online presence with innovative strategies in order to keep up with the established competitors in the online space.

What you need to pull up for your sale enhancement online ? Look after these tips and you will be good to slay !

1. A refreshing festive Landing page

Isn’t this fact true that we all decorate our homes whenever there is some happy bells ringing in front of your door. Yeah ! This is the point . You can opt for a highlighting landing page with refreshing diwali offers that actually helps you to attract a required audience. Using keywords that cause a lot of traffic to your site will surely help you.

2.Make social media your teammate

Guess how you reach the desired audience ? Traffic on your site doesn’t ensure a huge sale . This is an advice to ensure that all your social profiles are inter-linked and have updates on the offers. On each platform, the call for action should be to go to your website.

3. Re- reaching customers

What is most crucial to oomph up your sale ? re-target the customers who have expressed interest in your product/service, on earlier occasions. Identify the customers who abandoned your shopping cart and offer them value preposition in terms of exclusive deals and offers through Search and Display ads.

4. Twisted offers

While everyone else, including the big players, will be doing a ‘special festive sale’, we suggest you do the same. But, with a ‘twist’. Yes – Think Different. Offer your usual discounts and some special ones for the chosen few.

5. Your customer stories

While you are racking your brains in getting more customers, we give you a simple trick to influence the new buyers on the block. Use your existing customer base as your word-of-mouth agents. Send out special mailers to your loyal customers to share their story on how products bought from your online store became a part of their festive memories.


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