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A Man with the extraordinary dreams | Abhishek karna | The entrepreneur


The high tech era of web and digital media! The constant race to be versatile and unique! Achieving this milestone is bliss, what else a person can ask for? Abhishek Karna is the man achieving all-around at such a young phase of his life. Having a scintillatingly creative and quirk knowledge about digital media the young sensation is touching yonder accompanied by his entrepreneurial skills. Belonging to New Delhi, Abhishek has never been satisfied with less for him the sky is not even the limit as he feels there are footprints on the moon too.

While completing his graduation from Indraprastha University he has never set a slightly lower bar for him, no matter what is the condition he has always kept all his talent simultaneously growing which resulted in a glorious success for him. The new sensation in the field of digital marketing as an advertiser and promoter he is being the emerging new face that is being praised.

From being a splendid dancer to a powerlifter to an arm wrestler he has done everything with the utmost perfection. The sensational boy has been one active flowery kid since his childhood, this habit of being all arounder inbuilt in him from then only which he is cherishing gracefully till now. He has won versatile awards in unique talents that he portrays effortlessly.

Running a company ” CROSS WEB DIGITAL MEDIA” which provides all the services regarding social media the owner says that ” you can never change your life until you step out of your comfort zone.” Being drastically unique with his idea brought him several clients related to social media which lead this much success to him.

Loaded with the confidence and believing in his abilities he made to this platform and now he is a social media influencer and a great advisor for those who want to give a start to their career. According to him to be successful and unique it’s important to work out of the zone, one can’t be successful just being a frog in a well so there’s a need to step out of the well and take over the surrounding.

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