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Arjun Sarin: Artist Manager and Digital Marketer

Arjun Sarin

Introduction: Arjun Sarin

Clenching a good experience in the niche of digital marketing and artist management and is now serving as a pro digital marketer and an amazing artist manager. Arjun Sarin, 21 years old is Delhi based.

Work Profile of Arjun Sarin

Arjun Sarin is currently working with artists and creators like Shyrinn Anicka; Ashima Saxena; Hardik Sharma; Amulya Rattan and so many more!
He only works with people that are equally giving into the field of work and is forever optimistic and bold.

Arjun Sarin’s company is managing 50+ creator accounts and has worked with more than 200 creators for song promotions and collaborations

Arjun Sarin

Arjun is Working with some renowned people Like Guru Randhawa, Tony Kakkar, Prabh gill, and many more artists have helped him, his team, and his agency to reach greater heights and form a reputation in the marketing industry.
Several celebrities and influencers have trusted Arjun blindly and have been really happy with the results.

A follower base of about 500+ million on Instagram Arjun and Arjun Sarin’s agency owns! Indeed a great number.
Fame experts work in Promoting music videos, movies, web series, etc.
Casting for songs, short films, music videos, and web series.

Arjun and his team have been showing utmost dedication in their field of work.
His crew has worked with Acapella productions for all the management of Guru Randhawa’s events!
Arjun has managed many college events and THE GRUB FEST BOLLYWOOD!
Such an amazing event!
Working with famous Bollywood artists like Tony Kakkar, Swaalina, Bhavin Bhanushali, Gurnazar, Prabh gill was just another milestone for Arjun.

Interests of Arjun!

Arjun Sarin enjoys his work and makes sure everybody else is enjoying it too.
Arjun Sarin loves traveling and use to spend his spare time traveling and exploring the countryside especially the hills and creating content that acted as a major advertisement for any young traveler.

and Arjun keeps updating his followers by adding his lifestyle stories and uploading regular posts with celebrities, trips, and related to his work. (
Arjun’s team is one of the best in the market, never disappointing!
Arjun started in New Delhi but later moved to Chandigarh and made great links and tie-ups with famous influencers and celebs.

Taking the stakes of his company even higher day by day! Arjun wants to establish the name of FAME EXPERTZ in the world’s topmost digital marketing companies and will surely do that in no time.

With the dedication, he holds towards his work, spectacular!

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