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Ayush Kumar : The future of new generation music

Music is an explosive expression of humanity. It’s something we are all touched by. No matter where we are from or what kind of person we are, we all find our safe haven in the world of music.
Ayush Kumar, the 17-year-old music Producer,Composer and YouTube entrepreneur from Jammu and Kashmir is that musical genius committed to create music that will entice people of all age groups.
His deep connection with music was what made him choose the field of professional music as his career path.
The emotional hit off of the music that he has produced and made happen is something extraordinary to achieve without much professional experience. It comes all the way from the real passion and taste for music that’s hidden deep inside him. He nurtures it in the right way, for it to show up in the most incredible ways possible.
He is one of the Youngest Music producers and YouTube entrepreneur from Jammu and Kashmir, with many a number of successful YouTube channels.
He started taking the idea of considering music, a tad more than just a passion at the age of 14. He started creating small musical notes and stanzas out of the tunes he created and that was where his wonderful musical journey officially began.
Ayush is the lead Music Producer in the Music Collective/Group named ‘TRINETRA’ which was founded by him and his team on 24th December 2019.
TRINETRA managed to grab a great fan following and popularity among the youngsters as well as the adults in a brief period of time. Their music became the part of the routine jam of teenagers and the youth.
Ayush is in a Record Deal with the Label ‘TRINETRA Entertainment Inc.” which is an incorporation with an Indian Entertainment Company, ‘DigiNova India’.
He has also recently hit a milestone with a new track “Bharatiya sena” which has managed to seize the attention of listeners in all musical platforms. The track was release as a tribute to the Indian army.
The victory of the track in turn boosted up his confidence in ways that he never imagined and made it possible for him to release more songs including ‘Yaar/Gaddar’,’Soorya Ast’,’DikDok’,’The Last Zone’ and many more collaborations.
He is making his way towards great sucess in his professional life, by grabbing success at each and every step he takes.

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