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Harshit shiv : The digital mogul of India.

This young entrepreneur is on his way to procure the best of his achievement by putting his life and soul into it. It’s not easy as it sounds through words. It takes real effort and hardwork to bring about a proper outcome out of the job you’re intended to finish.

He is a digital marketing kingpin, and the vice president of South Mumbai crime prevention department. He is widely known as “The digital mogul of India” He is the director of team wizard media and co-founder of warlock media.

For Harshit, life has been a roller coaster ride of ups and down. He took his share of failures and success all throughout his journey and never did he pause for a second. For him, the future holds out a really great deal of opportunities that he is getting ready to tackle with.

He had been very zealous about everything he does. Be it, for somebody who has a celebrity status or be it one one among the ordinary clients, Harshit always brings out the best in him.

It’s quite interesting to know that he had never prepared herself beforehand or chose this profession to move forward in life during the early years of his education.
But the determination and passion that he had in his mind, once he entered the field of digital marketing made him rise up from his failures and helped tackle the tasks thrown at him in the most elegant and casual manner.
It’s very hard to hold on to the success that you achieved and to keep it going for a long time.

He has a clarity about what he is currently doing and have a proper view about where he wants to see himself in the next 3 years. He says, “If you are determined about the things that you can execute properly and have a sense of faith in oneself, you can conquer anything in the whole world. As far as I am concerned, if I wish for something, I’ll make it happen.”
He is that one in a million, who never steps back from a decision he has taken or something that he put forward. His stubbornness is what keeps him highly inspired and helps him to move forward

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