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Ahmed Khalfan Yasin takes SoleDXB by storm!

One of the most anticipated events of the year in Dubai is no other than SoleDXB. The event that focuses on the arts, music, fashion, and bringing the urban elite to one big stage! On this occasion, one of the International R&B singers brought to Dubai was the infamous Dani Leigh. As it was Dani Leigh’s first time in UAE; she surely had a lot to explore and uncharted territory to discover. Who else is familiar with the culture and lifestyle of Dubai; it was only right that Leigh connects with the one and only Ahmed Khalfan Yasin. Yasin. always makes it his duty to be around the Elite when they arrive in Dubai. Khalfan mentioned the energy, humor, and personality that Leigh carries is unmatched! When you have someone giving positive vibes that’s the energy that you want to keep around. Dani Leigh a new age business conglomerate has begun collaborations with Rihana’s brand Fenty. Khalfan and Leigh discussed many ideas on how she could integrate her music and business overseas.

utkarsh piyush
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