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Meet the young talent elevate in digital marketing : Aariz Khaleeq

Aariz khaleeq playing big moves in social media marketing and Press release. He believes in his hard work and determination. He also found as the guru of “PR Specialist”.

Aariz comes from a small town of Bijnor where even the level of basic education is not up to the mark, but this did not deter this boy from dreaming big. During the senior standards in school, he kept learning about the media industry through online resources. A well in-depth study and research for almost 2 years he started giving marketing solutions for social media. Initially convincing the clients was not easy, but few people showed trust in him and his social media promotion campaigns worked great for them. From there, he never looked back.

Aariz khaleeq, Entrepreneur who loves being Sporty and lives life King size, Always ready for any Challenge. Right from childhood Aariz khaleeq loves to explore life. He was always fond of new things he likes challenges in his life like a true entrepreneur.

He is a true entrepreneur guy who is healthy with his body and Brain which is helping him to achieve big in life at a very small age. He loves his family a lot which can be seen in his through his lifestyle.

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