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Sayed Arshad : The musical sensation Inborn talent is not something you can acquire just through any means.

Some people are gifted with voice that makes the listeners remain flabbergasted.
Sayed Arshad, the 17-year-old singer, Lyricist and Composer from Jammu and Kashmir is amusing people with his astonishing talent.
He is the lead Singer in the music Collective named ‘TRINETRA’ which was founded by him and his team on 24th December 2019.
It’s not easy to gain popularity with so much competition going around. But his team, with their awe-inspiring talent has made a huge fan following and popularity for themselves in a brief period of time.
He has signed a record deal with the label ‘TRINETRA Entertainment Inc.’ which is an incorporation with an Indian Entertainment Company called DigiNova India.
He has also shown his flair for music in a track ‘Bharatiya sena’ which was a tribute to the Indian army. The lyrics and composition of the track was carried out by Arshad with his group member Aryan.
The song brimmed with energy that made everyone who listened stand on tiptoe. This song proved to be a true inspiration for many aspiring musicians from Jammu and Kashmir to make it big someday, if they have the mind for it.
The positive responses towards the song from all music platforms conveys the amount of effort he had put up to reach here, backed by his amazing vocals and talent in music.
The song grabbed the hearts of the “Poonch” natives from where he hailed.
It was never a doddle for him to achieve something this valuable in a short period of time. He always had the support of his peers and the locals from his native to
being about such success.
He has also written many other great songs including ‘Yaar/Gaddar’,’Soorya Ast’,’DikDok’,’The Last Zone’ and many other amazing collaborations.
He didn’t take off to the world of music, with a goal in mind to approach it professionally. He made music because that’s what made him realise his worth and made him happy. It was after joining TRINETRA that he discovered that his passion and talent can take him a long way.

There is an old saying that says music soothes the savage beast. Attaining the level of musical ability that could soothe any sour heart requires passion and hardwork, which Arshad seems to be excelling at.

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