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There is no age limit for becoming an entrepreneur, all you need is creativity, skills, passion, hard work, support, an optimistic and open mind to make your dream come true. One such versatile digital marketer is Manoj Pitaliya Aka MJ.

His struggle and success story will enlighten all the aspirants to follow his path. He was born on 17th March 1992, to the parents who have always supported him in all his decisions and have also experienced all the ups and downs along with him. He comes from Kolhapur Maharashtra with big dreams and a lot of hardships.

Today this 28-year-old epitome has reached success heights, by establishing his marketing company named Intel wise media. He is a graduate and holds a bachelor’s degree in computer application. Very little did he know about social media, but the curiosity to learn more has brought him today at such great levels.

His career journey began as a twitter influencer, learning further he has set his own firm today, where he has worked with more than 1000 clients. From this profession, he has learned a lot and is also further learning because learning never stops.

He says “learning has no age. You can learn, explore new concepts, and be it anything. All you need is a passion for work to lure success.” he says if you have the ability to create content that works the best on the internet, you can mint a lot of money simply sitting at home.

To know the actual concept behind working in this field one should have the knowledge that which services are to be sold and to whom. Marketing requires planning and focusing on that part of the crows which has knowledge about your work. You also have the convincing power and know-how to sell your product.

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