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11-year-old boy who stole Rs 20 lakh from Jind bank ‘a contract thief’

The 11-year-old boy who stole Rs 20 lakh from the teller’s cabin in the Jind branch of Punjab National Bank executes thefts on contract. This stated according to the Haryana police.
The police said the pre-teen professional thief takes Rs 1-2 lakh advance per theft. And if arrested while stealing the money, the contractors responsible for all expenses.

Police lodged the accused boy in a borstal in Hisar district. Later also launched a hunt for the other criminals, including his uncle and father.

The theft first noticed late evening on September 28 when cash being counted and matched at the branch at the end of the day. The bank employees tried to match the cash transactions made during the day for hours but found a discrepancy of Rs 20 lakh each time. They finally lodged a police complaint about the “missing money”.
After looking for CCTV footage, the police found that a young boy had “stolen” the cash.