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A four year old girl was sexually abused. which later lead to her death. she was  raped by 28 year old man who belonged to  Rajnandgaon in Chattisgarh.

the assault took place on Saturday the 22nd august. when the girl didn’t return home as she had gone out to play. the family in the evening went to the police station.

later, the reports say that the accused was arrested. and he gave his confession. the accused said that the girl was playing in front of his house. he convinced her and took her at his place.

later of which he sexually assaulted her. when the child started screaming. he covered her mouth while the assault.

he  said that the child died due to suffocation. the body of the girl was found in Shekhar Korram’s house who the acuse was. after the girl died he left her body in his house and was found hiding in a under-construction house in the village.

the police had successfully arrested him. IPC and POCSO are charged on him. do you think that putting him behind the bars will solve the purpose? or giving him a life time sentence will do justice to the dead soul of the child? is our society so weak, that a 4 year old still gets raped?  there are many other inhumane like Korram who are still free outside, waiting to rape other girls.

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