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A temple decorated with currency worth 1 crore in telangana

The festival season is on air and the temples in India are totally witnessing the outstanding devotion of the worshippers.

The temple in telangana , named as kanyaka parmeshwari temple has witnessed one of the amazing way of worship. The whole temple has been adorned by the people with origami flowers made of various currnecy.

The idol of goddess has been decorated with thw origami flowers and garland which is unique because of the use of different currency.

In gadwal district the goddess temple was worshipped by the devotee as dhanalaxmi and now worth Rs. 1 crore .

One thing that is unique is that the money that has been taken or collected From the local devotee of the area , the money was returned back to them as well.

Near about 50 people donated the amount and it was quite difficult for the organisers to arrange unique currency pattern.



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