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Bhojpuri actress Anupama Pathak committed suicide by hanging herself at her residence in Mumbai’s Dahisar. what was the reason? who had seen her body hanged?

The 40-year-old actress ended her life on August 2. was she staying alone in her apartment?

is it a suicide? or another murder? what will Mumbai police report the case as?

Anupama took to Facebook to post a 10-minute-long video sharing her situation.

In the video, she asked people not to trust anyone.

which trust issues she had? she was broken from inside thus she said not to trust anyone.or is it something else?

will the police investigate? or close the case?

Be the person whom everybody can trust be never trust anyone. I have learned this in my life. People are very selfish and don`t care for others,” she added in the video.

Bhojpuri film and television actress Anupama hailed from Bihar`s Purnea district and resided in Mumbai for work purposes. A complaint has been registered with the police and investigation has started.

IANS  reported that she has allegedly named a person called Manish Jha, who took her two-wheeler at her hometown during the lockdown and never returned it.

a suicide note has been recovered where the actress has written about investing Rs 10,000 in a company named Wisdom Producer Company in Malad and not getting it back even after the maturity date in December 2019.

may her soul rest in peace. our film industry has lost many precious gems.

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