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Bollywood actress kangana Ranaut is been quite active in the SSR’s death case discussions. she has spoken about shocking secrets of film industry and their connections with drugs.

she also made an important point. that talents like SSR are surpassed and not given a chance to come up. and that film industry works on nepotism.

she says that if the blood tests are carried out. than many shocking names will be highlighted. kangana says 99% of people in film industry are involved in drugs.

they also have drug parties. where drugs worth thousands and lakhs are supplied.

kangana spoke about how inefficiently the Mumbai police worked towards SSR’s case. shiv sena MP gave a counter reply to this. he gave an open threat to kangana.

saying that, she should not enter Mumbai if she dosent have respect for Mumbai police. kangana on this says that Mumbai seems like Pok who wants Kashmir.

NCB raids still continue. where they have already arrested two drug peddlers.

peddlers have reveled involvement of showik. names of many famous celebrities are yet to come.

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