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Astronaut shares a picture of the ‘Beautiful blue marble’

-by Sahithya S

Colonel Doug Hurley has shared the image of the Earth taken from the space on Twitter with a simple yet amazing caption.

We often see the image of the earth from the outer space circulating through social media. To say these pictures are enthralling is an understatement.

Colonel Doug Hurley has posted a fascinating picture of our earth and has captioned it as the ‘Beautiful Blue marble’.The image shows the blue horizon of our planet and it indeed is a sight to behold.

This tweet has been spreading fast as people are encaptivated by the beauty of the planet. Imagining this large blue surface to just be a speck in the vast galaxy is just mind-blowing.
Seeing the picture has made people realize how beautiful and rare Earth is. It is high time we start saving her. We should start caring for her so she can continue to harbor us with the resource, habitation, beauty, and the abundance of life. The only refuge we have is Earth and saving her simply means saving ourselves.