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Bihar Chief Minister inaugurates higher secondary schools

-by Sahithya S

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar inaugurated a number of new higher secondary schools. In 3,304 panchayats across the state.

Among the 8,386 panchayats in the state, 5,082 have higher secondary schools. After that the 3,304 now added to this.

Class IX lessons to begin for academic year 2020-2021. The minister had stated.

The Bihar government had earlier announced about schools reopening. The higher secondary schools opened in all the panchayats of the state by April this year.

He beleives that education among his necessary. This would result in a drop in the fertility rate.

Citing a study, the chief minister said the fertility rate in the state found to be on par with the national average or even lower among women who had studied up to Class XII.
The state had recruited around 3.5 lakh teachers for the mission. The are to be provided with several benefits.

For instance the upcoming assembly elections. So 3.5 lakh contractual teachers appointed by panchayat raj.

The state decided to bring in a 15 per cent salary hike for these teachers from April 1, 2021.