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Bihar flood situation remains grim,81.67 lakh people affected.

-by Sahithya S

The flood situation in Bihar remained critical on Wednesday. Beacuse of an additional 8,358 people affected by the calamity.This is in 16 districts. Water resources minister Sanjay Kumar Jha said, there was no “immediate threat” to the state capital. However the water is rising in Ganga.

He said this after making a surprise inspection of various ghats along the river. After that these were all flowing above the danger mark at Gandhi Ghat here.

An on-the-spot review was carried out with officials. It was found that there was no immediate threat from the rising water level in the Ganga.

The PTP wall was constructed during 1976. This was to protect the city from any flood threat from the Ganga.

After the inspection of the ghats. A surprise mock drill happened.  For around  55 of the PTP at LCT Ghat. This was to ensure proper closure of the gates.

Meanwhile, the water level of the Ganga is witnessing a rising trend several places.

The Disaster Management Department stated that the number of deaths in flood-related incidents remained 25 in the state.

There are 12 relief centres. However only six centres were functional on Wednesday.

The number of people living in relief centres has reduced to 5,198 in six centres from 13,198 people in 12 relief camps on Tuesday.