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Chandrayaan-2 captures images of crater on moon

Chandrayaan -2 captures images of crater on moon and one of the crater has named after Vikram Sarabhai , father of the Indian space programme. One of the minister said that as the birth centenary year of Vikram Sarabhai completed on August 12, this is a tribute to the scientist.

Jitnedra singh quoted ,”The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) has sought to pay tribute to him in a special way by announcing that Chandrayaan-2 Orbiter has captured the Moon images of ‘Sarabhai Crater’ ”

Continuing he said ,”Chandrayaan-2 continues to perform as per design and provides valuable scientific data. The public release of scientific data from Chandrayaan-2 for global use will begin in October 2020,”.

The orbiter of the mission is working fine and sending data .

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