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Companies test antibody drugs to treat, prevent Covid-19

– by Sahithya S

Several companies are rushing to test drugs that deliver antibodies to fight the virus right away. Without having to train the immune system to make them.This is because the vaccine still would take a long time.

Antibodies are proteins the body makes when an infection occurs. These attach to a virus and help it be eliminated. Vaccines trick the body into thinking there’s an infection. This helps in fighting the virus stronger. However even this can take time.

These drugs are believed to last for a month or more. These give quick temporary immunity to people.They’re also being tested as treatments, to help the immune system and prevent severe symptoms or death.

The hope is to prevent the virus from spreading.Having such a tool would help us fight against it better.

Vaccines are seen as a key to controlling the virus.The antibody are quite promising and available as well.People are aiming to get something out as soon as possible.

What could go wrong?

— The antibodies may not reach all of the places in the body where they need to act.

— The virus might mutate to avoid the antibody.

— The antibodies might not last long enough.
Despite all these the best we can tell is that these Antibodies are helpful.