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Coronavirus pandemic has pushed several students out of school

– by Sahithya S

The coronavirus pandemic has had a huge impact on Uttar Pradesh’s children. The schools have been shut for over four months now.
Those in bigger private schools have started e-learning. The UP government is also pushing e-content for its students. Smartphones or 4G Internet are just dreams for several student.

“If the children do not study how will they move ahead in life? I want them to study further but I do not have the money. I feel so helpless,” sobs 42-year-old Mohammad Ilyas, a mason from western UP’s Saharanpur who made ₹ 10,000 a month before the pandemic. He now runs a samosa stall with his eldest son, 12-year-old Mohammad Chand.

After all their earnings are very meager. Affording phones and internet connection is out of question. Having a 3 time meal a day is itself difficult. This is leading to a lot of students dropping out of school.In small towns the mobile network is very poor as well.

Once the pandemic eases and schools re-open, the students will have a lot to catch up on. Due to this pandemic the lives of several people have been affected to badly. Their earnings have dropped. It is tough for both the parents and the kids. Leaving behind books and helping their parents in their business. This is how they fills their stomach each day. Something has to be done for people in remote villages. The increase in dropout rates would result in a decrease in the economic growth. Some major action has to be take. These children are entitled to education and they must be given that.