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Covid-19 does not directly cause loss of taste: Study

– by Sahithya S

Study says that COVID-19 does not directly damage taste bud cells. Taste loss is likely caused indirectly by events.This is however due to inflammation.

The findings were published in the journal ACS Pharmacology & Translational Science. This is contradictory to the earlier studies.

An increasing number of COVID-19 patients have reported losses of smell or taste. This prompted the researchers to add it to the growing list of symptoms for COVID-19.

However recent research shows 20-25 per cent of patients have reported about loss of taste.

The study also indicates that taste bud cells are not vulnerable to the virus. It uses it as a gateway to get into the body.

But it is the first to show, specifically in relation to coronavirus and taste bud cell survival.There are likely other cell death mechanisms at play.Lui has given this in her statement study.

Liu and her colleagues wanted to find out about this.They used a mice as a model organism.

“Mice have a different cellular copy of ACE2, making them impervious to SARS-CoV-2 infection,” said Lui.

The virus probably does not affect taste loss through direct infection of these cells.This was the result of the research study.