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Covid affected the horse owners in shimla

Apart from the health crisis , covid vaccine has also arised the tourism crisis for tourism sector. This has lead the horse owners and ‘ghodewals’ of shimla struggling to survive and to earn their daily bread.

The owner of horse said ,”I have never seen anything like this pandemic in 20 years in this profession. Due to the lack of tourists, I am finding it very difficult to make ends meet. I am in a business where I have to live hand to mouth. My earnings are just enough to feed my family and purchase chana for the horses. Thankfully we have a society for horse owners that helps each other out otherwise I don’t know how I would have survived,’ .

The epidemic has affected the people and the affect on tourism is much harming for the owner of horses in region of shimla who had tourism as their only source before to earn.
An another owner of horse said that ,”
Even if we have no income, the cost of maintaining the horse has remained the same. I have to feed each horse three kilos of chana every day. After one of them fell ill, I had to put her down as I could not afford to give her the medical attention that was required. It has been a struggle between choosing to feed my family, and taking care of the creatures that provide a means of livelihood.’

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