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Covid test to increase to 10 lakhs per day | health minister

COVID test to increase to 10 lakhs per day | health minister

The deadly virus is at its peak of spreading throughout the world. Even after precautions and safety measure the count is not decreasing meanwhile the death rate is not that high in India Currently India is conducting around five lakh COVID-19 tests every day and there is a new revealing that says the tests will be doubled up in the next few months This has been declared by Union Science and Technology Minister Harsh Vardhan on Thursday.

In a recent launch of a compendium on “CSIR technologies for Covid-19 mitigation”, health minister Harsh Vardhan said that the rate of recovery in India is more than any other country in the world that is 64 percent.

Just after the first case arrived in India on January 30 there is a constant rise in the cases meanwhile the fight against the virus is at the same pace. Even after the heavy population of the country the management of the prevailing virus is quite well. This has been said by the health minister, Vardhan.

While talking about the health infrastructure in the country, the minister said six months ago India was importing ventilators, but now the capacity of India to manufacture the ventilator has increased to three lakhs per day.

“Most of the ventilators are being made within the country now. India is supplying hydroxychloroquine drug to nearly 150 countries,” revealed Vardhan.

“In April, we used to conduct 6,000 tests daily. Today, we are conducting over five lakh tests every day. We plan to take it to 10 lakh tests daily in 1-2 months and we are working towards it,” Vardhan said.

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