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Death Count In Kerala Landslide Goes Up To 55

– by Sahithya S

The death count in the landslide at Pettimudi near Munnar in the high-range Idukki district has increased. It has gone up to 55. Three more bodies were recovered from the debris on Wednesday. This was given in the official statement.

Operations led by the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) are continuing. Its been six days and 15 more people are still missing.

Till now, 55 bodies have been recovered. Earlier 12 people were rescued. Now 15 people are missing. The search is on even on the sixth day. The weather was a hindrance for the last few days. Today it was better though.

The Collector said 82 people were affected in the landslide on August 7.

The settlements of estate workers were swept away by the landslip. Several workers were badly injured.

Huge mounds of earth and slush had destroyed a row of 20 one-room row houses. There was tin and asbestos sheets lying all over. These housed at least 82 workers and their families.