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Doctors say that the next 48 hours are crucial for the girl. CM Kejriwal visits the girl’s family at AIIMS hospital. he also provided aid of Rs 10 lakhs to the family.

who were these inhumane rapists? CM also spoke to Police Commissioner S N Srivastava, adding that the perpetrators of this heinous crime will receive the harshest punishment. do you think harsh punishment is enough? will all this stop after punishing? shouldn’t the cause he hanged?

she was only 12. is our system so weak that rapes have become so common? when will women walk safely on the Indian streets? is that phase ever going to come in the Indian history? we talk about equalism and respecting women. but are those only to talk? when are we going to put it into practice? it is the responsibility to make every citizen feel safe anywhere in this country.

the girl is fighting for her life in the hospital. chances are very less she might survive. hope some miracle happens and she can begin with a new life. talking about safety is not enough. what is more important is to put it into practice. the country where women should be treated with respect and is a form of the goddess is now being raped.

Its time our government takes some brutal actions with the cause. harsh punishment is not enough for these rapists. they deserve to be dead. such people do not deserve a place in a society where women are still scared to go out of their houses. justice shall prevail.

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