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Ex-boyfriend sets woman on fire, she holds on to him, both die

A 24 year old nurse set on fire by her ex boyfriend. This happened in Hanumanpet in Vijayawada. The woman identified as Chinnari worked at a Covid care centre. The accused, G Nagabhushanam, 25, attacked Chinnari when she returned home from work.

They had a heated conversation. He then poured in kerosene and set her on fire. However she pulled him towards her. However she charred to death nd he succumbed to injuries. Later died while getting treatment.

Officials stated Nagabhushanam and Chinnari were in a relationship for about two years. She eventually broke up with him under pressure from her parents, but Nagabhushanam allegedly stalked and tortured her. However earlier she lodged a compliant against him. Police warned him and asked not to disturb her.