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Govt makes FASTag mandatory to avail discounts at highway tolls

The Centre made it mandatory to allow only FASTag users to avail any discount. This is at the highway toll plazas to promote digital payment.

The ministry of road transport and highways on Tuesday amended the National Highways Fee Rules 2008. For instance it allows user discounts for wuthin 24 hours returns.However only if the vehicle carries a valid functional FASTag. No requirement for pass.

FASTag is a radio frequency identification sticker. This typically fixed to a vehicle’s windscreen. The toll wirelessly detects and allows the vehicles. Similarly the recharged money gets detected. This introduced to promote digital payment.

The Centre mandated that all lanes of toll plazas. For instance to reduce bottlenecks along the national highways.

It relaxed its rules. Therefore a fourth of the lanes at toll plazas to allow both cash and FASTags payments for a period of 30 days. That ended on January 15.