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Haryana plans for libraries in every village with computers

The haryana government says that for the better study experience for students and to ensure that students don’t have to travel from villages to cities for the preparations of competitive exams. For enabling this government is planning for open modern libraries in each village. This has been revealed by deputy chief minister of Haryana, Dushyant Chautala.

The minister said all the panchayats of villages has been asked to provide one or two room in their respective villages. The libraries will be consist of the computers for online education and books related to the competitive exams..

Continuing Mr. Chautala said that to change the basic structure of education there’s need to involve technology and the government is working for it .He said that the state government is going to take steps in constructing model schools in each block on the pattern of central government model schools and also make primary schools bag-free.

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