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Hrithik Roshan comments ‘super pic’ on ex-wife Sussanne Khan post.

Sussanne Khan shared a powerful picture on Instagram. Ex-husband Hrithik Roshan couldn’t stop praising the perfect frame. She recently shared the picture with the lyrics of Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark’s song, If You Leave.

She captioned the picture, “If you leave I won’t cry… I won’t waste a single day.. #neverlookback #eaglesnestwarmth.”
Seen wearing purple pants and indigo blazer paired with high heels and a shoulder-length hairstyle. The picture taken showing side profile as she sits on a chair, besides the statue of a man with the face of an eagle.

Hrithik commented saying, “Super pic,” to which Sussanne replied, “@hrithikroshan was trying to do ‘the look away look’!” with a laughing emoji.

Hrithik and Sussanne continue to co-parent their sons Hrehaan and Hridhaan. They stayed together during lockdown at his home to ensure they are their for their children.

Hrithik was pleased with her moving into his residence. He had written on his Instagram account, “It is heartwarming to see the world come together as one in this time of deep uncertainty and possibility of months of social distancing and potential lockdowns for several weeks perhaps. While the world talks about humanity coming together, I think it represents more than just an idea especially for parents sharing custody of their kids. How to keep their kids close to them without infringing on the right of the other who also has an equal right to be with his/her children.”