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Sending money via whatsapp will charge zero, says Mark Zuckerberg

The whatsapp is going to add feature of money transfer in whatsapp , this has been revealed by Mark Zuckerberg .

The CEO of Facebook says that no extra money will be charged by the whatsapp while transferof money.

Only thing that will be needed is a debit card and a bank that supports upi.

Transferring money via whatsapp is going to be easy like a kid , the money will be easy to send just like you send a mesage.

The whatsapp transfer has been supported by more than 140 banks.

“We’ve been working on this with the National Payments Corporation of India, who oversee everything to make sure it’s secure and reliable. And we’ve built it using India’s Unified Payments Interface, which makes it easy for anyone to instantly accept payments across different apps — and for compes to provide people with great services,” he said.

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