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Payal ghosh supports arnab Goswami

As the controversy of Arnab Goswami has increased there are many other stars who are coming in support of Arnab Goswami , the news editor republic tv.

The actress payal ghosh has currently joined the Republican party of India , she was elected as the vice president of the party. The actress has come in support of the Arnab Goswami.

“I requested them to let me talk to my lawyers.They said they will not allow me. I am telling this to the people of India that my life is under danger. They said there will be no talks with the lawyers. I am being harassed.” Says Arnab Goswami.

” My police custody was rejected. They don’t want that I come out. They are delaying things. You can see my situation. They dragged me in the morning. They tried to bring me to jail yesterday night. I want to request the Supreme Court to grant me bail.” said Arnab Goswami while he was dragged to a police van.



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