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Daughter of cab driver , crack JEE

The success of a person is determined by the amount of dedication they have for the task that needs to be completed.

K swati , a young girl has become the first out of her school to crack the JEE exam , she has given an example which determine success of a Person and also she is the first one to get seat in IIT patna.

The daughter of a cab driver swati lived in a very poor conditions. She has proved that success of a person is not determined by the financial status and luxuries.

“This is the only way I can repay or express my gratitude to my parents and also teachers, who reposed immense confidence in me.” this has been said by swati.

Her father Ramu shifted to city just to get her a proper education. He drived cab and also worked as a auto driver to get her admitted in school. Swati proved that success of a person depends on the amount of hard work.

Swati wants to make her parents proud and for that she wants to appear in civil services exam. Her teacher suggest that she has always been a bright student.


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