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In a farm of jodhpur dead bodies of Pakistani refugees found.


In Jodhpur district of Rajasthan bodies of eleven refugee from Pakistan has been found which has created a sensation . The reason of the death has not yet been known,  but there is possiblilty of death due to the leak of poisonous gas in the area.

The incident happened at the lodta area of Dechu police station and The officers reached the site after they came to know about the incident. This is believed that all the deceased came from Pakistan after being tortured . All these people were into agriculture as the most of population is refugee from Pakistan here.

The dead bodies found here has created sensation whereas people around are not ready to talk about it. According to sources, 6 adults and 5 children were among the people who deceased.Refugees from Pakistan have taken refuge in a large number of villages bordering Rajasthan. Almost the entire population of many villages are refugees from Pakistan.

As per information from the villagers the sister of the family who is a nurse by profession came for Rakhi . This is being said that she injected a poisionous injection to the family members , later on too committed suicide.

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