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India continues to wait for sputnik-v, which is likely to arrive by early 2021. however situations continue to worsen. the corona virus cases increase.

India reports 96 thousand cases everyday. the current corona virus number until now stands to 54,00,619 cases.

however India is the only country to show a good recovery rate. and also a decreased death rates,

speaking of the recoveries, 43,03,043 people have recovered from this virus. and the death number until now is 86,753 cases.

the death number is recorded as 1025 deaths everyday. govt has provided many safety guidelines.

maha state is the worst hit country in India. with about 11 lakh confirmed cases until now.

sputnik-v the vaccine shall soon arrive. however it is reported that this vaccine has its own side effects.

thus taking precautions is better than cure.


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