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where Indian covid-19 tolls are tremendously increasing everyday. with a shoot of 1 lakh with 2 days. Union health minister on Saturday made an announcement that India will get vaccine by 2020.

where about many scientists are working on the production over the world. India has prepared vaccines but are waiting for a green signal from the health department.

Russia has successful produced the vaccine the news about its mass production is on hold. when will mass production begin? USA has maximum number of covid-19 cases. Brazil and India and further leading USA.

Mr. Harsh Vardhan the Health minister had inaugurated a 10 beaded hospital in Ghaziabad. and it was during this inauguration that he had made the announcement about the vaccine release.

meanwhile on Sunday the Indian tally is 30 lakh covid-19 cases. with about 69,000 confirmed cases with a day. India is currently testing about 10 lakh sample everyday.

where about the total deaths stand to approx 56,000. and the recovery rate stands to 22 lakh. India is the only country in the world which has shown a good recovery rate to covid-19.

reports say that India has already produced 3 vaccines. but are still awaited. thus India and the world are expected to receive vaccines latest by the end of 2020.

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