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in this pandemic, the entire world has suffered and is adversely affected. USA become the worst hit country by corona virus. scientists are working on the vaccines. and soon will deliver us a vaccine.

speaking of Indian current status. India is reporting 78,512 new cases every 24 hours.

the current confirmed cases in India stand to 36,21,245. and are steadily increasing everyday. however India is the only country to show good recovery rate. which is about 75%.

until date with a good recovery. about 27,74,801 people have recovered. simultaneously speaking of the deaths. the death rate in India is about 1.25%. about 64,469 people have died. India reports 1023 deaths everyday.

speaking of the world current status. USA remains the highlighted country. after which are India and Brazil.

the current confirmed cases in the world stand to 2,32,60,775. and increasing in lakhs daily. New Zealand is the only country which showed zero positive cases. after three months of strict restrictions.

the total recoveries over the world are about 1.49 crore. speaking of the death rates. USA has until now shown the maximum death numbers. with the current deaths over the world being 8,05,765.

the results of the vaccine production are still awaited. but shall soon be produced. India is waiting for the green signal from the health ministry. more than 4 crore samples are tested in India.

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