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Indian Railways introduces rail bicycle for staffs

– by Sahithya S

Indian Railways introduced an innovative rail bicycle. This to help its staff. For daily inspection, monitoring and track repair, ECoR.

These rail bicycles run on railway tracks at an average speed of 10 kmph.

These manufactured in-house by Permanent Way (P-Way) unit of East Coast Railway’s Khurda Road division. All recycled ones. Made by using damaged rail dolly wheels for balancing the cycle. These bicycles move at a maximum speed of 15 kmph. Light weight easily lifted. Dismantled and assembled by individual.

The introduction of the railway bicycles will help track men in inspecting and monitoring the tracks specially during monsoons. The track men are required to carry out their duties at present on foot round the year. At all times of the day.

Helps check the bridge approach and other vulnerable locations. For instance after heavy rains.Unwanted detentions also avoided while using these.

The railway cycles will be very helpful for patrolling during summers too. The rail bicycles also used for patrolling to ensure safety and security.