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International flights: Passengers arriving in Maharashtra can skip quarantine process

-by Sahithya S

The quarantine rules have been relaxed in the state. This is to abate the stress for passengers arriving in Mumbai’s airport.This has reduced the processing time for exit of arriving passengers from the airport. The preventing precautions for Covid 19 have been relaxed.

In a statement, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport (CSMIA)  international passengers arriving to the airport can now skip the compulsory institutional quarantine.

This initiatives have enabled arriving passengers to fill the self-declaration form online.

As per the state government directives all international arriving passengers have to undergo two stages of quarantine.The passengers have to observe a mandatory 7-day institutional quarantine followed by 7-days of home quarantine.

However, with the latest initiative, passengers can avail the option to bypass. The institutional quarantine by filling in the self-declaration. Form 72 hours before their planned travel has to be done. However to skip this they have to upload proofs.

Moreover, CSMIA, along with the Airport Health Organization (APHO) team, has created a green channel. This is for all arriving passengers who have pre-filled the applications on the online portal.

Domestic and international passengers still have to undergo thermal screening at the airport. All the domestic passengers will have to undergo 14 days home quarantine.