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Jharkhand reports record 78% covid 19 recovery rate

Jharkhand registered a 78.69% Covid-19 recovery rate. This is slightly higher than the national average of 78.60%.
The state had 590 deaths reported. So far 67,100 cases stated. They include 13,703 active cases and 52,807 recoveries.

Jharkhand has been reporting a steady increase in Covid-19 cases. This since early July. Over 1.44 million tests conducted in two and a half months.

RK Jha, a former medicine department head stated seeing a good sign in improvement in overall recovery rate. This influenced favourably by a better understanding of management issues.

In May and June, when migrants left jobless by the pandemic returned cases rose up. However this changed from mid-June.

On June 14, the state had 900 active cases and 816 recoveries. The next day, the active cases went down to 848 while recoveries climbed to 905. The recoveries were higher than active cases till July 17. This stated by health department