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kangana on 7th Sept received threat from BMC. the threat was about demolishing her manikarnika film production house.

why was this sudden threat given? without any prior letter? kangana was going to revel dirty secrets of entire maha state.

to avoid that Thackeray govt laid this plan to make kangana quiet. how long will they lay such plans for a bold lady like Kangana . today Thackeray’s proved that there is no democracy left in the state. it is only their rule. and everything shall be down according to them.

kangana now feels like maha state is PoK. where all those who stand for truth are threatened.

accuses like Rhea chakraborty who is now arrested are given an A class security. and truth holders like kangana are threatened.

Thackeray’s ego is been hurt after kangana’s confidence. which is why they demolished her property.

today in the mid afternoon her property was completely destroyed in her absence. by applying false allegations of having illegal activities in that premises.

maha state is of people and not of shiv sena threatners like sanjay raut.

society needs party which will work for them and not for Bollywood mafias. today entire country is with Kangana. shiv sena has lost its fame after such a step which was taken today.

kangana is a bold woman. who in spite of such huge loss. didn’t let her self esteem come down.

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