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Kangana is been is recent flashes. she has provided all the dirty secrets of film industry. one of which is drug abuse.

she was standing for truth and just for SSR. she has received many threat calls and messages. one of which was by shiv sena MP sanjay Raut.

he threatened kangana not to come back in Mumbai. if she dosent believe in Mumbai police. currently kangana is in Manali her home town.

after this threat message. kangana challenged that she will arrive to Mumbai on 9 September.

she is a bold person who has until now supported the truth. she requested union minister Amit shah to provide her with security as she enters the maha state.

on Monday, 7 Sept the BMC broke opened into her office in Mumbai. she was not provided with any legal notice.

the BMC also said that they will be demolishing her office. its evident that maha govt is backing BMC.

when the neighbors asked how they just entered into kangana’s office. one of the BMC officials said, that ” ye Jo aapki madam hai unki wajah se hum musibat mei aa jayengi”.

this statement is self explanatory. and we get to know how terrified maha govt is. they are still not in favor for truth to come out.

kangana shows her gratitude after amit shah provided the security as she lands in Mumbai. he could have told her to stay a few more days in Manali. but instead he provided the help she needed.

this is our India govt. entire country is proud of them. the CBI is working in full swing to get into depths of SSR’s case.

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